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Wasup ErrBody It’s Ya Boy #MikeTree back online one more time holdin’ it down for the home town>> St. louis and surrounding areas prepare yourself for a thrill ride of excitement as we approach the 2nd coming of a J-Wha film. We anxiously await his masterfully crafted vison of #STLPD to reach the silver screen November 4th, 2016.



This article is part one of an exclusive look into the main character and his outlook on the film.

A little Q & A  with Hot Jerko shall we?


Who is rob Hot Jerko?

“Hot Jerko is An artist born & raised in Saint Louis Missouri. l’ve been writing music for 20 years acting for an equal time but #STLPD is my break out role…

There been a lot of buzz about #STLPD word on street is you were the first one to audition for the film can you tell us what it was like working with such a seasoned crew?

“Educational and fun I tried out for the cop role and ended up in the gangster role.”

The executive producer J-Wha mentioned this is your first lead role, can you tell us how you prepared for that?

“I read a lot. I gained insight from a character from one of my favorite authors Donald Goines, that helped me got deep into character and I also practiced on family.”

Tell us about your character in the film…

“Jeffery (Face) got released from prison hell bent to take over the drug cartel in St. Louis but what’s unique about Face is he’s not the average villain, he has a heart he’s just very money hungry and as you will see he will do ANYTHING for money!”

What can the fans expect from #STLPD?

“Expect a thriller from beginning to end, I’m personally expecting a lot of support from the city!”

What can we expect next from Hot Jerko?

“I landed a supporting role in another film called “Last Joint 2.” My album release and tour are coming very soon look out for my upcoming project “bacon and eggs.”


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