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Fashion Designer LaKeySha Frazier Also Known As   

Keysha-B has been involved with the arts at a very early age. Her past endeavors and accomplishments include attending visual and performing arts schools, being a radio host for her own show (Brown Sugar Unkut,) being named “Miss Fashionetta” and featured in the New York Times! Her most recent project is the launch of her clothing line in 2014 as well as a supporting role in #STLPD !

LaKeySha credits all of her success to God Family and Friends…

Lets find out the latest with Keysha B!



Give Us a Brief Description of Your Character…

“Candace is my character. She is the wife of Jay who is one of the cops in the movie. She is a God-fearing woman, loving, caring and happily married. She is a devoted wife and daughter. Like most women she has gone through some things  that have really crushed her and her spirits of having a real family. Candace overall is a great woman. She kind of reminds me of myself most times.”

Was it Difficult to Identify with Your Role?

No, it wasn’t hard. I mean when you think about it, every woman in life grows up thinking about having a family, great husband, and beautiful children. It’s like we are groomed to look forward to just that. I dedicate the many faces, talents and understanding of myself to those around me who I was able to watch growing up. I have been around many wives in my short lifetime and they all have a different story, but they all are phenomenal women and wives. So, I just channeled my inner wife and just came to remember who I was and the wife I wanted to be someday

Were You Able to Incorporate your clothing brand into the movie?

Yes, I was able to incorporate my clothing brand (La Rose’ Apparel) in the movie. There is a scene where Candace is home alone getting things together, because she’s a clothing designer and you can see my website and a few of my actual designs in the movie

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