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T-Bow Chiropractic Business Profile

Difficulty dealing with…

Sports Injuries, Working Injuries, Carpal tunnel, Fibromyalgia, Headaches and Migraines, Osteoarthritis, Allergy and sinus Problems,

 Stress, Fatigue and Lack of Energy, Jaw Pain Arm, Shoulder, Leg, and Foot Pain, Pregnancy, Tendonitis Sprains/Strains

And more

T-Bow Chiropractic Can Help!!

Dr. Katrina will Educate and Advise each Client on a Case by Case Scenario

Dr. Katrina is Very Passionate about Her Work She Encourages a more Holistic Approach in the Healing Process

Her Hands Are Skilled to Help Your Body Heal Itself!

Dr. Katrina Cares!

You will Never Experience a Ten Minute Office Visit!

If All That isn’t Enough

Dr. Katrina does Animal Chiropractic Also!!

Yes Pets too!

Make the Call!!!

(636) 336-8049

T-Bow Chiropractic

“Saving One Spine at a Time, Your Health Is Your Wealth!!”

For More Knowledge from Dr. Katrina About Your Spine and Great Healthy Lifestyle Tips…

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