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 "New Scene News" represents the underground talent pool of the greater St Louis region. It features the most note worthy names in urban entertainment and community. "New Scene News" has branded its self over many media platforms via radio,websites,print,social media and soon video blogs. Stay tuned as exciting new talent surfaces in the show me state "New Scene News" will be there to cover the story!!!  St. Louis is a vibrant city and full of entertainment from talents born and raised right here in our hometown. Join us as we cover the nightlife the festivals the community events and shine a light on the individuals that make this all possible.  New Scene News gives you an added all access pass to celebrity interviews as they tour the Mid-West or simply want to share their take on the thriving local market in St Louis. Thank you so much for reading and please subscribe!

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Fashion Designer LaKeySha Frazier Also Known As   

Keysha-B has been involved with the arts at a very early age. Her past endeavors and accomplishments include attending visual and performing arts schools, being a radio host for her own show (Brown Sugar Unkut,) being named “Miss Fashionetta” and featured in the New York Times! Her most recent project is the launch of her clothing line in 2014 as well as a supporting role in #STLPD !

LaKeySha credits all of her success to God Family and Friends…

Lets find out the latest with Keysha B!



Give Us a Brief Description of Your Character…

“Candace is my character. She is the wife of Jay who is one of the cops in the movie. She is a God-fearing woman, loving, caring and happily married. She is a devoted wife and daughter. Like most women she has gone through some things  that have really crushed her and her spirits of having a real family. Candace overall is a great woman. She kind of reminds me of myself most times.”

Was it Difficult to Identify with Your Role?

No, it wasn’t hard. I mean when you think about it, every woman in life grows up thinking about having a family, great husband, and beautiful children. It’s like we are groomed to look forward to just that. I dedicate the many faces, talents and understanding of myself to those around me who I was able to watch growing up. I have been around many wives in my short lifetime and they all have a different story, but they all are phenomenal women and wives. So, I just channeled my inner wife and just came to remember who I was and the wife I wanted to be someday

Were You Able to Incorporate your clothing brand into the movie?

Yes, I was able to incorporate my clothing brand (La Rose’ Apparel) in the movie. There is a scene where Candace is home alone getting things together, because she’s a clothing designer and you can see my website and a few of my actual designs in the movie


Wasup ErrBody It’s Ya Boy #MikeTree back online one more time holdin’ it down for the home town>> St. louis and surrounding areas prepare yourself for a thrill ride of excitement as we approach the 2nd coming of a J-Wha film. We anxiously await his masterfully crafted vison of #STLPD to reach the silver screen November 4th, 2016.



This article is part one of an exclusive look into the main character and his outlook on the film.

A little Q & A  with Hot Jerko shall we?


Who is rob Hot Jerko?

“Hot Jerko is An artist born & raised in Saint Louis Missouri. l’ve been writing music for 20 years acting for an equal time but #STLPD is my break out role…

There been a lot of buzz about #STLPD word on street is you were the first one to audition for the film can you tell us what it was like working with such a seasoned crew?

“Educational and fun I tried out for the cop role and ended up in the gangster role.”

The executive producer J-Wha mentioned this is your first lead role, can you tell us how you prepared for that?

“I read a lot. I gained insight from a character from one of my favorite authors Donald Goines, that helped me got deep into character and I also practiced on family.”

Tell us about your character in the film…

“Jeffery (Face) got released from prison hell bent to take over the drug cartel in St. Louis but what’s unique about Face is he’s not the average villain, he has a heart he’s just very money hungry and as you will see he will do ANYTHING for money!”

What can the fans expect from #STLPD?

“Expect a thriller from beginning to end, I’m personally expecting a lot of support from the city!”

What can we expect next from Hot Jerko?

“I landed a supporting role in another film called “Last Joint 2.” My album release and tour are coming very soon look out for my upcoming project “bacon and eggs.”


Super Star Thursdays At the ALL New Mystic Grille

The official Thursday night kick back courtesy of Sykes entertainment 

Home to the hottest theme parties live concerts and more!

Enjoy a trendy upscale environment along with the security of a Well-lit Parking lot 

Superstar Thursdays are heating up your summer months with some big name headliners like 

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Take a look inside Superstar Thursdays 

Photo credit: Zoom




“Gone Go” Yung Ro ft. JMarz

Wasup Errbody I’ts Ya boy Mike Tree Holding it down for the hometown. #STL ‘s own Yung Ro returns to limelight with his trending

 new single “Gone Go” with assistance from JMarz this club banger will be

 beating hard through sound systems nationwide this summer. Yo’ Ro we

 needed this one!


Music Industry Night Jam Session Presents Peetey Weestro Live Unplugged


ST. LOUIS—Music Industry Night Networking Jam Session will present the

 quintessential and multi-talented music artist, Peetey Weestro Live and Unplugged that will take place

 7p.m.,  Thursday, March 24, at The Rustic Goat, 2617 Washington Ave.,

 St. Louis, Mo.

This RSVP only event, sponsored by Delux Magazine and Martel Cognac, will

 be hosted by R&B sensation Jzanell with music by The Company Band. It also

 will kick off Weestro’s promotional tour for his upcoming release, Blame Peetey

 that is slated for the spring of 2016. He will perform some of his popular hip-hop

 songs from his previous releases along with future classics from Blame Peetey

 that will bridge fluidly between hip-hop, R&B and pop.

“I’m looking forward to giving my fans and supporters a night of great music

 and entertainment,” Weestro said. “I’m trying to create music for the world.

 I don’t want my project to be classified in any genre. I plan on making another

 STL classic, but overall a classic worldwide.”

This handsome and fashion forward artist has been on the meteoric rise since

 2013 after the success of his first mixtape, Eyes Don't Lie. The following year, he

 would release his second mixtape, Eyes Don't Lie 2 which featured the single

 “WWPD (What Would Pac Do).” The single landed Weestro a single

 distribution deal with EMI Music.  

In the fall of 2014, Weestro switched gears and began an acting career when he 

 landed a starring role in the pilot to the TV series "Backstage" executive

 produced by Krayzie Bone of the Grammy-Award winning rap group

  Bone Thugs and Harmony and St Louis based filmmaker, Craig Thomas. This

 led to other roles produced by Thomas including the family sitcom titled

 "Rolling with JoJo" which had its premiere last summer at The Tivoli Theater

 and the upcoming film, “The Last Pick.”

For more info to RSVP go to and type Peetey Weestro Live

 or contact Al Cole, Jr. at 314.215.9208 and  on

  Peetey Weestro  go to


The support is real, the music is the realest. This E.P. is the rawest street album

 to break mainstream in recent years. “Gang Season” tells the story straight from

 the heart of St. Louis which is honestly no easy task considering all the

 backlash and bad press from the murder rate. J.R.'s gang season offers a gritty

 perspective of what others refuse to acknowledge and most couldn't begin to

 survive #gangseason


I had the esteemed privilege of attending the listening party it was standing

 room only within 15 minutes of my arrival all the top deejay groups were

 represented to the point where I actually wondered who was running the radio

 station. An ambient room of photographers media friends and family awaited

 the highly anticipated project, and from the very first kick drum the room fell

 silent and heads began to nod in approval.


Check out some pictures from the event courtesy of 

papara-z media





Special thanks to D.J. K Mean for the invite 




Wasup Errbody It’s ya’ boy Mike Tree Live from the Red Carpet at the First 

Annual St. Louis Star Awards 2016. I must say it was a phenomenal platform to 

acknowledge the unsung individuals that work on the premise of being 

passionate about their goals, such diligence should be and was very well 

recognized. and my production team set the backdrop in the 

commons area of the historic sun theatre for what would prove to be the perfect 

prequel to a truly “star” studded event. Malik “DaBoss” Herron brought into 

fruition an all encompassed nominations list which is comprised by the collective 

of general public votes per category. The categories range from “High School 

Student of the year,” “Business of the year,” to nomination of performance and 

fashion! I’ve took the time to recap the video footage from that night and broke 

it down into 3 segments 

high school categories

alternative categories

music categories

Other Media Present: